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Polyclonal antibodies are widely used in biochemical and other biosciences applications to determine the cellular localisation and functions of proteins.


The immune response to an antigen generally involves the activation of multiple B-cells all of which target a specific epitope on that antigen. As a result a large number of antibodies are produced with different specificities and epitope affinities and these are known as polyclonal antibodies.


For production purposes these antibodies are generally purified from the serum of immunised animals where the antigen of interest stimulates the B-lymphocytes to produce a diverse range of immunoglobulin's specific to that antigen.


At Gemini Biosciences we produce high titre, high affinity polyclonal antibodies. These polyclonal antibodies can be used for research purposes in many areas of biology, such as immunoprecipitation, histochemistry, enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), diagnosis of disease, immunoturbidimetric methods, western blots and Biochip technology. Polyclonal antibodies are ideally suited for use in sandwich assays as second stage antigen detectors.


Polyclonal Antibody Package Options:
  • Antibody production using customer supplied antigens (peptides, protein or other non-protein antigen

  • Peptide design, synthesis and antibody production

  • Protein expression/production and use of antigen
    for antibody production


Species Options:
  • Mouse

Antigen Options:
  • Recombinant protein

  • Synthetic peptides  (free antigen design and we can synthesize the antigen at a high purity for antibody production; see our peptide synthesis service

Purification Options:
  • Protein A/G

  • Fractional precipitation


If you are interested in developing a monoclonal antibody to your antigen of interest, please contact us for a quote and details on our antibody development process.

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