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What we offer


Various proteomics-based technologies are regularly used in both academic and biotech/pharmaceutical company laboratories to identify proteins, determine their post-translational modifications and their functions including biomarker features.

Gemini Biosciences offers a comprehensive and modular proteomics service that covers the client’s requirements from experimental design, sample processing, mass spectrometry, data analysis and computational biology applications such as network and pathway analyses.

The proteomics applications we offer use various approaches to analyse client samples, including SILAC, label-free, Tandem Mass Tags (TMT) labelling. We also offer post-translational modifications (PTM) identifications and quantification, and standard protein identifications from client samples either in solution or in-gel.

We provide a broad range of SILAC media options and dialysed sera (FBS and horse serum) for use in labelling cells in culture.

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