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What we offer


Gemini Biosciences offers a high quality custom peptide synthesis service with fast turnaround times and very competitive pricing. The peptide synthesis service includes custom peptides, peptide arrays/libraries and high throughput peptide production.

Synthetic peptides have emerged as highly versatile tools, useful in a broad range of research and commercial applications. Initially, synthetic peptides were primarily designed to mimic protein epitopes and used as an antigen to generate antibodies. Functional uses of peptides have matured as recent advances in chemical peptide synthesis and the inclusion of modified amino acids have increased the research options and commercial potential of peptides. Subsequently, longer peptides have been synthesized using refined solid phase chemical synthesis techniques. These techniques combined with fragment condensation and ligation methods, have allowed for the precise synthesis of peptides over 150aa in length.


In addition to synthesis using standard techniques, modified amino acids are being incorporated into peptides allowing customization of a peptide's chemical profile. For example, these modified amino acids can be used to change the solubility of a peptide or increase its bio-availability for use in therapeutics.

In recognition of the tremendous commercial and academic importance of peptides, we use the most advanced peptide synthesis techniques and instrumentation available with cutting-edge synthesis techniques allowing us to offer a full-range of modification options. 


Gemini Biosciences' peptide synthesis state-of-the-art facility has greater than 95% peptide synthesis success rate, significantly above the industry standard. The quality of our peptides is assessed by mass spectrometry and HPLC analyses performed after the completion of synthesis, purification, and QC (quality control) steps. These analyses are followed by independent quality assurance procedures, to doubly guarantee the highest quality possible for every peptide we produce for a customer.

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