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During peptide array/library construction, 96 different peptides are synthesized in 96-well format. Each plate is individually tested for accuracy and can be used for epitope mapping, libraries, protein characterization and much more. At Gemini Biosciences we offer to customers up to 20-mer peptides at 1-5 mg scale. We also offer 3 tiers of analysis and delivery is only 2-3 weeks.


96 crude peptides per plate in 96-well format:

  • 1- 3 mg scale (higher scale is available for additional charge, email us for price).

  • N-terminal modification is available for addition charge (email us for price).

  • Up to 20 amino acids in length.

  • Guaranteed above 95% successful rate.

  • For different format such as 48 well or 112, please contact us.

  • No cross contamination.

  • 2-3 week delivery.

  • Statistically significant QC of each individual plate.


Gemini Biosciences offers three packages for peptide array/library construction i.e.

  • Package 1: Peptide array synthesis with mass spectra for five statistically significant peptides

  • Package 2: Synthesis with mass spectra for every peptide

  • Package 3: Synthesis with mass spectrum and HPLC for all peptides 


Please contact us to discuss your peptide synthesis requirements and a quote.

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