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Custom synthetic peptides are an important tool in life sciences research, drug discovery and proteomics. Gemini Bio provides a comprehensive peptide synthesis service to help customers in applications requiring custom antibody production, biochemical assays, peptide libraries and peptide arrays.


Gemini Biosciences offers a confidential and efficient peptide synthesis service at competitive prices.


Synthetic peptide applications


  • Epitope-specific antibody production

  • Study of protein functions and the identification
    and characterization of proteins


  • Receptor binding or the substrate recognition specificity studies

  • Peptide drugs

  • Standards and reagents in mass spectrometry-based applications


Peptide modifications:

A comprehensive range of N-terminal, C-terminal and side chain modifications including: biotin, fluorescent labelling, phosphopeptides, stable isotopes and peptides for antibody production are available from Gemini Biosciences. We are experienced in the synthesis of difficult and hydrophobic peptide sequences and unusual peptide modifications.


Extensive range of purities and quantities

Peptides are available in milligram to gram quantities. We offer a range of peptide purities from crude peptides to >98% purity. Peptides are routinely synthesised from two up to sixty amino acids in length. However, depending on the customer's sequence, we can synthesize longer peptides.


Please contact us to discuss your peptide synthesis
requirements and a quote.

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