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Monoclonal antibodies like polyclonal antibodies are widely used in life sciences research to identify proteins and study their cellular functions. They represent a single B lymphocyte generating antibodies to one specific epitope. B-cells can be isolated easily from the spleen and lymph nodes of immunised animals; however, these cells have a limited life span, and can only divide a limited number of times, coined the 'Hayflick limit'. This prohibits the culture of B-cells directly. For an antibody to be useful in research or industry, it must be readily available in large quantities. Due to the Hayflick limit, this would not be possible using B-cells cultured in vitro as they would eventually stop dividing and the population would die out.


Gemini Biosciences Monoclonal Antibody Package Options:
  • Antibody production using customer supplied antigens (peptides, protein or other non-protein antigen

  • Peptide design, synthesis and antibody production

  • Protein expression/production and use of antigen
    for antibody production


Species Options:
  • Mouse

Antigen Options:
  • Recombinant protein

  • Synthetic peptides  (free antigen design and we can synthesize the antigen at a high purity for antibody production; see our peptide synthesis service

Purification Options:
  • Protein A/G

  • Fractional precipitation


If you are interested in developing a monoclonal antibody to your antigen of interest, please contact us for a quote and details on our antibody development process.

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