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Using antibodies developed for the customer, Gemini Biosciences offers development of Two Antibody Sandwich Immunoassay Kits as part of its antibody production service and includes:


  • Development of monoclonal antibodies (MAb) against two different target epitopes (A and B) 

  • Production and purification of Ig from MAb A for capturing the antigen in ELISA test

  • Production and purification of Ig from MAb B for labeling of Ig with HRP for detection of captured antigen

  • Labeling of 1-3mg of purified Ig of MAb B with HRP or alkaline phosphatase

  • Testing of specificity of antibodies useful for ELISA

  • Evaluation of antibodies using target antigen in ELISA assay

  • Preparation of protocols and production of 10 ELISA kits

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