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Custom Protein Production Service


Gemini Biosciences can produce recombinant proteins to customers’ specifications from vectors supplied by them or produced by us as part of the DNA cloning service.


The general workflow includes:

  • Transformation or transfection of cells with expression construct e.g. plasmid DNA or virus construct

  • Identification and selection of over-expressing colonies or stable cell lines

  • Small-scale expression and purification and assessment using SDS-PAGE

  • Optimization of protein expression parameters

  • Western blot (anti-tag) analysis of expressed protein if yield is low

  • Estimation of protein yield

  • Scale up growth of over-expressing strain s

  • Cell harvesting and lysis

  • Purification of protein from cleared lysate via purification tag or customer's preferred system

  • SDS-PAGE or Western blot analysis of purified protein using anti expression tag antibody

  • Determination of protein concentration

  • Delivery of purified protein  to customer


When required by the client, we can produce the recombinant protein on a large-scale following establishment of protocols.


If you are interested in generating recombinant proteins for any purpose, please contact us for details of our process and a quote.

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