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Gene synthesis has become a powerful tool offering new solutions for molecular cloning, creation of fusion proteins and codon optimizations for achieving sufficiently high protein expression levels. Gemini Bio offers a gene synthesis service that is customisable to meet customer needs and with considerable savings of time and money compared to traditional molecular cloning using recombinant DNA technology.


Gemini Biosciences' gene synthesis service includes:

  • 100% accuracy of synthesis guaranteed

  • Genes up to 1kb are normally synthesised and shipped out in 2-3 weeks.

  • Cloned into our standard vector or your vector of choice for a competitive price

  • QC documentation by sequence chromatogram

  • Free codon optimisation


The staff at Gemini Biosciences are experienced, PhD-level trained, and will ensure that you receive a high quality professional service tailored to your needs and delivery on schedule.

Send us the sequence of your gene of interest and we will do the rest according to your requirements.


Please contact us to discuss your gene synthesis process

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