"OMICS" technologies to accelerate bioscience research

Gemini Biosciences provides proteomics and metabolomics technologies to assist bioscience researchers expand and accelerate their research projects by tapping into our extensive expereince and expertise in using these technologies in life sciences research. Please contact us if you have an "omics" project that is in the pipeline or ongoing that could benefit from our support.

Key benefits of dealing with Gemini Biosciences include:

  1. Support with project and experimental design

  2. Grant application support including costings

  3. Support with preparing project results for publication

  4. "Omics" technologies integrated with computational biology for network and pathway analyses

Proteomics technologies available to life sciences researchers include: SILAC & label-free quantitative proteomics, PTM proteomics, etc.

In addition to metabolomics, Gemini Biosciences also provides metabolite identification in samples arising from in vitro and in vivo systems. We use NMR and mass spectrometry-based approaches for metabolomics and metabolite identification.

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