Gemini Biosciences launches new website

The company which is based in Liverpool (UK) at the Innovation Centre (Liverpool Science Park) offers research products and services to scientists working in the life sciences and Biotech/pharamaceutical companies. Gemini Bio focuses on delivering quantitative proteomics services such as label-free quantitative proteomics, SILAC proteomics and associated products including many SILAC tissue culture media and dialysed foetal calf serum, custom antibody production, peptide synthesis, gene synthesis, DNA cloning and custom protein production.

Other areas in which the company is involved in offering research services include NMR-based metabolomics, structural biology (i.e. NMR structure determination and X-ray crystallography and biophysical analyses (e.g. Isothermal Titration Calorimetry, Multiangle Light Scattering and Fluorimetry).

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