5.1 NMR Metabolomics Approach

NMR metabolomics is complementary to LC mass spectrometry-based metabolomics, metabolite profiling and metabolite identification. The NMR metabolomics approach possesses many features and advantages that make it more suitable for some metabolite profiling and metabolite identification studies e.g.


  • Universality of metabolite detection: i.e. if a metabolite contains hydrogen, it will be detected

  • The whole biological sample can be analysed in one measurement without chromatographic separation

  • The NMR metabolomics approach has very high analytical reproducibility

  • Molecular identification is relatively easy from databases of authentic material and from analysis of 1D and 2D spectra

  • The process is amenable to the collection of molecular dynamics information

  • Analysis of tissue samples is possible by magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR

  • Robustness of NMR instrumentation

  • NMR approach requires minimal preparation of samples prior to analysis


Instrumenation available available for NMR-based metabolomics analyses include the 700 and 600 MHz spectrometer with high sensitivity cryogenic heads for solution studies plus automated sample changer for metabolomics, ligand screening and metabolite identification.


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Example of metabolomics data