4.8 Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Optimisation service

If you have a newly developed antibody that has not been tested for IHC staining yet, Gemini Bio will work with you to provide the best IHC staining conditions for your antibody.


Service Includes:

Optimization of a specific antibody to obtain the best staining results with minimal background. To obtain the best results, 3 methods of pretreatment and 4 different dilutions will be tested for each case.

Customers to provide:
(1) minimum of 30 µg of the primary antibody, and

(2) one positive control tissue block for the marker of interest 

Turnaround time: 2-3 weeks. 


Images of all 12 slides will be given to the customer. For delivery of actual slides, please inquire.


For any antibody used for immunohistochemistry staining, optimization of the pretreatment and working concentration is crucial to obtain the best staining results. After fixation of the tissue, proteins are cross-linked to one another which prevent some epitopes from binding to the complementary antibody. To improve binding and subsequent staining of the marker of interest, different pretreatment methods are utilized to break the cross-linkage of proteins. Antibody concentration will also greatly affect antibody-antigen binding and staining intensity. To obtain the best staining with minimum amount of background, the working concentration for each antibody must be determined experimentally.


Add-on services 


  1. Have the tissue, but can’t embed it or cut it? Don’t worry, send us the tissue sample/block, and we can do the embedding and/or cutting for you!

  2. Tissue Processing: Processing of Formalin-Fixed wet tissue suitable for paraffin embedding

    • Deliverable: Processed wet tissue suitable for paraffin embedding

  3. Paraffin Embedding

  4. Cell Pellet Processing and Embedding 

  5. Paraffin Sectioning 

  6. Serial Sectioning 

  7. Step Sectioning 

  8. Digital Scan 

  9. Image Analysis 

  10. Pathological Evaluation 


#Minimum order of 10 tissue samples is required.


Gemini Bio offers reliable and quality staining of sectioned paraffin embedded tissue or cells to give you the support you need for your project. In addition to the routine and special staining, Gemini Bio's full range of histology services includes tissue or cell pellet processing, embedding, sectioning, and IHC staining for paraffin samples.