4.3 Custom cell immortalizationn ervice

Basic Package


  1. Viral transduction of primary cells submitted

  2. Cell immortalization

  3. Drug selection on successfully transduced cells

  4. Clone screening and expansion confirmation of immortalization via qRT-PCR of Transgene

  5. Cryopreservation and delivery of cells




  1. Up to two clones, 2 vials/clone

  2. Any additional add-ons where applicable

  3. Service report includes:

    • Morphology Assessment

    • qPCR Analysis of transgene expression

    • Test results for presence or absence of microbial contaminants including bacterial, fungal, and mycoplasma testing

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Disclaimer & MTA 

Orders of this service are subjected to the completion of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) by the purchasing individual/institution for each order. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at The end user acknowledges that the Materials provided under Gemini Biosciences' Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) does not grant a license for commercial use or imply any ownership rights of any intellectual property rights relating to the Materials.

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