Computational Biology

Gemini Biosciences provides a broad range of computational biology services to cover a wide variety of omics experimental approaches and analytical challenges including:

  • Study design and power analysis: a consultation service to design studies that involve the development and integration of large datasets with an estimate of the statistical power


  • Identification and analysis of suitable public domain omics datasets: Identification and interrogation of functional genomics datasets in public domain databases.

  • Multi-omic Data Integration: Includes data processing, normalization, and integration of datasets from multiple Omics platforms.

  • Data Analysis: Gemini Biosciences' data analysis service includes interpretation of Omics data by technology-independent analysis pipelines and identification of differences in large experimental datasets.

  • Network and Pathway Analysis: This service involves advanced statistical modeling for pathway analysis and biomarker discovery and development of statistical models to predict phenotypic or clinically relevant outcomes.

  • Dataset Integration: Integration of datasets from multiple Omics technologies into a single computational framework.

  • Custom bioinformatics pipelines, databases and software development: This service involves the development of bespoke analysis pipelines from a combination of different software components

Data to be analysed are generated from proteomics or transcriptomics analyses.















Other related products and services that could be of interest with respect to a project involving computational biology include SILAC, TMT & label-free quantitative proteomics, SILAC media, transcriptomics, etc.


Please contact us if you want to take advantage of our computational biology services to help you extract high quality information from your omics data.

SILAC phosphoproteomics data analysis