4.4 CRISPR stable knockout cell line generation

The Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) system offers cutting-edge RNA-Guided endonuclease technology for highly specific and customizable genome editing. With the use of a target sequence specific guide RNA, as well as the highly specific and programmable CRISPR associated nuclease (Cas9), Gemini Biosciences offers an efficient and targeted genome editing service with minimal off-target effects.


Basic Package


  1. Select from any of our cell lines i.e. pre-determined easy to transfect cell lines (HEK293, HEK293T, A549, HeLa, MDCK, A375, HepG2, HT1080 or U87MG). These cell lines are available as Cas-9 expressing versions or parental version. Cas9 expressing version will be used by default. If the parental version is preferred, please request prior to order placement.

  2. sgRNA vector design, construction & delivery into cells

  3. Clonal screening and selection

  4. Screening & validation of knockout by Sanger sequencing

  5. Expansion & cryopreservation of selected clone(s)

  6. Microbial/sterility testing




  1. Sequence verified knockouts (at least 1 clone, 2 vials per clone) 

  2. Microbial/sterility tested with a service report.


Add-On Services


  1. WT Control Cell Line Expressing Cas9 for Comparison

  2. Additional Clones

  3. Additional Vials of Delivered Clones

  4. Validation Service by Western Blot (Up to 10 Clones)

  5. Off-Target Analysis by Whole Genome Sequencing

  6. Additional rounds of selection and screening by Sanger Sequencing

  7. CRISPR-Cas9 Targeted Amplicon-Seq

  8. STR Profiling of WT and Knock-out cells


Disclaimer & MTA 


Orders of this service are subjected to the completion of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) by the purchasing individual/institution for each order. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at The end user acknowledges that the Materials provided under Gemini Biosciences' Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) does not grant a license for commercial use or imply any ownership rights of any intellectual property rights relating to the Materials.

Please note that if the gene to be knockout may be essential to cell survival, it is up to the end-user to proceed with the services. Gemini Biosciences is unable to guarantee cell survival in these cases and will only attempt to rescue the clones under these conditions. Gemini Biosciences is not accountable for cell survival if rescuing the clones (instructions to be provided customers) is unsuccessful. If the customer chooses to proceed, Gemini Biosciences will provide a hemizygous pool as the default deliverable to compensate for any lethal effects (unless otherwise requested).